Watching Your Characters Grow Up

meandbaby2*This is a picture of me with my youngest child.  She’s big enough to steal my shoes and walk right out the door now.*

Maybe it’s because I’m a mom, but I have to write stories in which the characters start out immature in whatever way and then grow up.

No one is born an Alpha Male or a Kick-Butt Heroine.  We grow into that and I enjoy the process.  This is the main reason I cannot read some Romance novels – the characters already have it all together.

But, that’s just me.

In preparing my previously ePublished stories for Indie Pub, I get to go back and reread what they were like, good kids really, but naïve, sheltered, undiscovered and unexplored strengths and talents, but didn’t have a clue.

Then, I get to leap ahead and work on the last book in the Ice Princess Trilogy and in the first scene the same girl has grown into a fierce woman, half elf, and on a mission to rescue an extremely rare male elf from a notorious vampire stronghold.

The little girl who used to be scared of her own shadow turns to the Prefect and says,

“You know I have the power to take him, regardless.  You only need decide what sort of mess I leave behind.”

Love that.