The Presidential Good Ol’ Days


Natalie Portman in ‘Jackie’ a new movie about our former First Lady.

You may be wondering about the good ol’ days during this awful Presidential Election Year.  Were they really any better?  As a history buff, I’m here to opine that many American Presidents have been morally bankrupt in the strictest sense, regardless of political affiliation.

The difference is Dignity, Privacy, and waaaaay better Style.

kay_summersbyOkay, so maybe they didn’t all have great style.  This is President Eisenhower’s alleged mistress, Kay Summersby.  Well, the world was at war, you know.

The point is human nature does not change.  So, is it better to have its ugly side hidden behind lovely fabrics and a regal smile or out in the open, honest, but gross to behold?

You’re on your own with the answer to that one.

Here’s another question, have you ever pondered why a man would cheat on a beautiful wife?