Molly’s Brave Summer


Ellen Watson, the lady in the top picture, was lynched during the Wyoming land wars.


Molly’s Brave Summer is the title of the Historical Romance novella (or perhaps a novel) which is presently on-deck in my imagination.  If Angel & the Cityboy is accepted for regular ePublication, Molly’s Brave Summer is the next one after it.  (If not, it’ll probably be an SFR titled Paper Moon.)  I’m not sure how that will work as a series, since Angel is a Contemporary Western and Molly is a Historical Western.  Nevertheless, I had to write a backstory for the founding of the Winterborn Ranch because I’d established that it was originally homesteaded in 1883.  Being a history buff, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

The story is about a young mother who comes West to homestead with her husband.  In their second year, her husband is murdered by a rival who intends to marry her and annex their land.  After a Crow man saves her son’s life, she hires him to help save her ranch too.

I can tell you this because there are no original stories.

Only original ways of telling them.   😉

In this case, the young mother is white and the man she falls in love with is a Native American, which echoes many tropes from the Romance genre.  Class warfare, Cowgirl, Alpha Male, Enemies to lovers,  Friends to lovers, Forbidden love, Opposites attract, Protector, Revenge, Widow, and Woman and Man in peril are all Romance Tropes which make a showing in this story.

Truth is stranger than fiction too.  I’m not interested in writing Historical Fiction because of the cute outfits they wore.  Ever hear of the Wyoming Range War?  Well, get yourself over to Wikipedia pronto then.  It’s a start.

Then, pop over to

Molly’s Brave Summer is set in Montana and I think you’ll find it small potatoes compared to the real thing.  After all, it is a Historical Romance, which means there is a happy ending.  That’s not what Ellen got.