Food Wishes with Chef John

Autumn brings my Vintage Heart to home, hearth, and harvest, makes me want to decorate, renovate, and plan breakfast for Christmas morning.  I’m a lousy cook and I think in pictures.  Regular cookbooks just do not work for me.  I usually use children’s cookbooks, no kidding.  Because of the pictures and simple directions.

I also watch YouTube.  My favorite cooking discovery on YouTube is Chef John at Food Wishes.  He keeps it simple for dunderheads like me and has a delightful sense of humor.  But, the best thing is Chef John has an amazing speaking voice.  I swear I could listen to him read the dictionary all day long.  So, pop over to his Channel and check it out.  As for me, I’m making the Apple Fritters and Eggs Benedict for Christmas morning.  As he says, “Enjoy!”

His blog-