Writing on a Schedule & Homeschooling

(c) The Armitt Museum and Library; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
(c) The Armitt Museum and Library; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

I remember a reality show in which the participates failed largely because they couldn’t set goals and stay in control of their days to meet them.

They were used to waiting to be told what to do and when.

Homeschoolers are self-starters who must stay in control of their time, whether they’re working or engaged in spontaneous learning.

This is a concept valuable to any writer.


I educated my children at home when they were little.  One of my fondest memories is teaching each of them to read.  My eldest was reading at the age of two.  Not kidding.  My second has Special Needs.  And even though she was terrified to speak when she got to regular school, she could still read out loud.  This became a bridge to learning in a regular class setting for her.

In any case, as a Homeschool Mom I had to schedule my days or nothing got done.  The schoolwork had to come first, then the housework.

Writing was dead last.

Well, I go squirrelly if I can’t write, so I had to schedule to get any writing time in.

The first step is to prioritize everything you need to do over the course of the day.

Then, sit down with paper and pen and make a grid for every half hour of the day.  If you have children, write a column for them next to yours.  Fill in things like eating and sleeping first.  Then, you go according to priorities.

Not gonna sugar-coat it.  Still a challenge these many years later.  It’s a discipline I still have to force myself to do.  But, now, it is a habit.  A foremother of the homeschooling movement, Charlotte Mason, said forming the habits of learning is essential.  This is true for Mom as well as kids.

In any case, I got to stay on schedule.  One more kid to get to the bus stop before I do my other work, plus continue my final pass on A Vintage Heart in Hollywood so I can send it to the publisher who asked for a full read.  Yep, that’s what brought up this post’s topic.

Happy Friday!