Playing by the Rules

9781597100533The fact is the Romance genre has a lot of rules, spoken and unspoken.  Unless you’re Nora Roberts or one of the other super-successful ones, you have to play by the rules.

Nora, for example, is famous for getting away with what’s called ‘head-hopping.’  That’s switching the Point of View around whenever the heck you want.  She’s very good at it.

Most of the rest of us mere mortals must abide by the rule of splitting the Point of View evenly between the Hero and Heroine and shifting pretty much only on a chapter break.  I’m okay with that, except when one character wants to tell the story all by himself and I don’t have the heart to tell him ‘no.’

That’s okay.  I don’t want to be Nora anyway.  Have you seen how thick her books are?  I’m way too easily distracted.

Squirrel! squirrel_1_bg_20090620


Let me tell ya, the first thought that popped into my mind when I considered writing the third book in the Ice Princess Trilogy was “YES!  NO RULES!”  Not just because of its genre, or multi-genre as the case happens to be.  But, because the first two books will be Independently Published (I have the rights back from when they where ePublished) I’m going to Independently Publish the third book as well.  That means I make the rules.

Yes, I do have a rather smug look on my face right now, come to think of it.

Nevertheless, I have to make my own rules carefully.  The third book must flow with the first two.

The first two in the trilogy are Young Adult and I have zero interest in writing YA again.  So, the third will be New Adult.  Still, it’s gotta work with the first two.  The Heroine will start the story at 19 years of age.  She must do that because her twin sister will be starting her story, An American Elf, at the age of 21.  She’s gotta do that because that’s when the elves in this fictional universe are traditionally considered old enough to marry and that’s when she meets her future husband from a past time period.

Keeping up?

Well, good, ’cause I’m getting a headache.

Hey, it’s Friday!  Have a good one.

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