Book Three in the Trilogy

1920s_Underwood_SE_layoutAlternate title:   What to Write Next

As mentioned, I’m planning on independently publishing previously ePublished novels which I now have the rights back to, as well as the third in the trilogy which was never published.  The ePublisher went out of business.

So, I’m about a week out from launching my Western Romance novella into Queryland and, therefore, ready to start a new story.

I should write the third book in the Ice Princess Trilogy.  (That’s the new title of the old series.)  But, it’s hard.  The story has been finished in my imagination for four years now.  So, I’m like, “But, it’s already done.  Where’s the fun in creating it again?”

The answer is there is no fun in it.  And I have a very hard time making myself write a story that isn’t fun to write.

So, I’m going to throw a monkey wrench into it and recreate it.  Kinda like dangling a carrot.  Since this book has never been released, no one knows I messed with it anyway.  Ha!

Meanwhile, I will be working on getting the first two independently published.  One of the first things to do is buy the images I will need for book covers and promotional activities.  I’m pretty much settled on Dreamstime.

Also, I will probably work on a story that is very unFantasy-like, since my brain will be fried on elves and vampires and general weirdness the rest of the time.  Gotta have a break, you know.  I’m a buffet kind of girl.  So, maybe my Historical Western novella.  ‘Angel & the Cityboy’ is a Contemporary Western, after all.  Might as well go backwards in time.  I like Time Travel!  No, wait, don’t even get me started on Time Travel!  I need to stay from that for a while.  Oooh, my poor imagination is going to explode.



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