Tales of the Elven Princesses


‘Ängsälvor’ by Nils Blommer

Alternate Title:   Adventures in Independent Publishing

I have the rights back to four previously ePublished stories, two novels and two short stories.  Three are Young Adult Paranormal and the fourth is a Sweet Romance.  I’ve decided to revise them and publish them through Amazon Direct Publishing.  That seems to be the most popular one for my buffet of genres.


Actually, I’m going to publish one short story right here in October as a free weekly serial, after which it will be available on Amazon as one book.  The two novels will be released in November and then March of next year.  These two were in the same series, but published by two separate ePublishers.  Now, they’ll finally be united.

I have several goals in mind.  First, I want the series together.  Two, I’m hoping they’ll sell well enough to bring attention to whatever else I write, sort of a jumping off point.  Three, I’m hoping to earn enough money to pay for professional editing on the third book of the series, so that all three can be together.  The third was never finished before I had to stop writing for several years for medical reasons.

Lastly, I’m writing other stories in the same universe, specifically An American Elf.  Instead of creating a new fictional universe, I can tie these all together in one and call it Tales of the Elven Princesses. 

I never wrote the twin sisters who star in these books as elves to begin with.  By the time I was finished with the second one, I was like, “Hey, these girls are…elves!”  It’s funny what the subconscious mind will do when we’re not looking.

As for the fourth of my previously ePublished books, it’s an unrelated, stand alone short story.  I’ll get around to it later.

So, now Wednesdays will be the day I talk about these stories and anything related to Independent Publishing.

Blows my mind what’s available to Indie Authors nowadays!

Elven mythology can be found all over the place.  I am particularly inspired by the Icelandic version.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hulduf%C3%B3lk


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