The Mother of Science Fiction

I’ve heard Mary Shelley called that.


She wrote Frankenstein back when women often used male pseudonyms to disguise their gender.  The irony of it is for most of the 20th century, Science Fiction was regarded as almost entirely male oriented.  You can learn a lot about storytelling by reading about the lives of great storytellers.  Here’s a good place to start-

I’ve never actually been a fan of Mary Shelley’s or Frankenstein, but there is still much to be learned from her life and the story.  So, I read about it anyway.


Frankenstein was first adapted for film in 1910.

Did you know she wrote that novel during what is ‘the year without a summer?’  Seems that summer was awful gloomy and she was stuck indoors a lot.  Go figure.  Some say it was all set off by a super-volcano going off on the other side of the world.


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