ALMOST AMISH by Nancy Sleeth

A showcase, not a review.


You do realize, of course, that authors are rarely anything like their characters and their stories are nothing like their real lives, right?  Oh, sure, we stick little bits and pieces of ourselves into them, but our stories have lives of their own.

For example, my present work-in-progress is set in Montana and I lived in Montana, but that is where our similarities end.   The heroine, Angel, owns her ranch and raises Jersey milk cows.  I raise chickens named Elsa and Anna and such in my backyard.


St. Mary’s Lake, Glacier National Park

I’ve read Almost Amish many times.  It speaks to me because of the ideals it lives, not necessarily a particular religion.  Family, friends, hospitality, generosity, these are the things important to a Vintage Heart.  The author took a look at the Amish way of life and gleaned wisdom from it, which she incorporated into her daily life.  She is not Amish at all.  But, you see, pearls of wisdom can be found anywhere.  I can’t say I live exactly like the lifestyle in this book, but I do try.

We are all a work-in-progress, you know.  Some of us just go about it more deliberately.

Have a lovely Sunday.