‘Man, Woman, Wild’ in Montana


One of the great things about this show and others like it is that its set in wild places all over the world, which is a freakin’ awesome resource for me as an author.  Just check out the episode list-    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man,_Woman,_Wild


Right now, I’m in the middle of revising a novella set in Montana.  I’ve been there, but the episode helps bring it all back to life for me.  It’s called ‘Bear Encounter’ and it was filmed on the gorgeous land of the Blackfeet Nation.  My heroine is mostly Native American too, but Crow.



I love all the survival type reality shows for this, but also because I’m an outdoorsy person who doesn’t get outdoors as much as she wants.  Watching shows like ‘Man, Woman, Wild’ lets me get out there, at least in my own imagination.

Hang in there, Blog Buds.  Tomorrow’s Friday.

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