Out of the Wild The Alaska Experiment


I’ll level with you, most real Alaskans I know have a good laugh over the many reality shows set in Alaska.  I’m not one of them, simply because I can set aside the inaccuracies and enjoy the shows for what they are.  Nevertheless, I do have my favorites and this is one of them.


I like this one so much because these Lower 48ers were willing to put their hearts and souls into it and to really try and endure and suffer.  It was the participants which made this show.

“Lower 48er” -a person who resides in the continental United States, the Lower 48 states, as designated by Alaskans.

Alaska has a million ways to kill you, and odds are no one would ever find your body.


It really is the Last Frontier, the Wild West, the great unknown and untamed wilderness, a fierce and unforgiving beauty.

I miss it.

Anyway, so a bunch of Lower 48ers are dropped off in Alaska and given a map and allowed to choose their gear.  A guitar?  Seriously?  Gonna whack a charging moose over the head with that?

Fear not.  The participants get a grip on reality and their indomitable spirit is inspiring.  So, these Lower 48ers don’t know much to start with, but they learn and the process of learning and dealing and finally winning is awesome.  Totally worth the watch.  Highly recommended.  🙂