My Vintage Heart

rem_coverThe words ‘vintage’ and ‘retro’ are used interchangeably.  In fact, ‘vintage’ means something which originated in the past while ‘retro’ means something which copies the past.  To me, having a Vintage Heart means I treasure all the good things of the past, like helping a neighbor, while forgetting the bad, like segregation.

Realizing I had a Vintage Heart put a name on my personal sense of identity, one of the benefits of becoming a fortysomething.

The past holds rich stories and inspiration for stories.  Here’s a link to the magazine pictured above-

Did you know there are people who live everyday like it’s a past time period?  I find this so inspiring.  They’re called Vintage Purists.  Here is a video of some British couples who live this way-   cdbaby_art

Time Warp Wives

The first lady featured in this documentary now has a wonderful singing career.


Lola Lamour

And there are good-hearted folks who live everywhere else on the spectrum.  Jennifer really inspired me because she has so much fun with it and seems so comfortable in her own skin.  Her channel is called Vintage Vanity-


Vintage Vanity-